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I still ship UtaKane.

I still like the idea of a calm, somewhat goofy Uta.

I’m not denying that Uta’s embroiled in some pretty shady shit.

But I still like them.

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Tokyo Ghoul Rant

Gah. I really don’t know how to handle this at the moment. I mean i don’t usually get so invested in characters that when something major happens I feel like I’m about to cry. But it happened this time and I really don’t like the feeling.

But the manga’s only like half done right? And that last chapter seemed to give me more questions than answers and people are flying off the handle pretty quickly labeling Uta as a traitor and a villain but I have to agree with maskmasteruta on a couple of points.

This IS only the end of the first part of the manga, that we have a fair good reason to believe and even more twists and turns are coming up. This manga throws curve balls at it’s readers all the time so maybe there’s gonna be another curve ball coming sooner or later.

Maybe Uta isn’t the bad guy? Maybe he’s just acting the part to bide time so he can try and save or do something for his friends? 

Or maybe he is? I don’t know but with the fandom so up in arms at the moment I actually feel sorry for the guy. He’s still gonna be my favorite character from the series, without a doubt but I really want to know what his motives are. 

Hopefully we’ll get an answer soon rather than later because I’m going to be on the edge of my seat biting my nails until I know exactly what the hell is going on!

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This is probably the unpopular and minority opinion, but I’m not convinced Uta is the bad guy. Yeah, that pose makes him look bad. And the words do too. But words are written differently depending on who translates it. Two different translations can make a phrase mean something completely different. Maybe y’all think I’m in denial, that I should just own up to my character being the main bad guy. But see, there’s still too much unfinished. This chapter just leaves even more unanswered questions. It seems like Ishida is setting it up for a sequel. Uta as the big bad? Look at how much he cared for Kaneki and the others. Look at all the times he helped them, even calling Kaneki his ‘valued customer.’ It’s quite possible that he didn’t have a choice joining the pierrot group, or that he was already a member and didn’t realize how bad they were. Saying what he does could merely be his way of protecting himself until he is able to go out and look for his friends. There are many things this chapter could mean. Please don’t start labeling Uta as a traitor. Please don’t hate him. Wait until we see if there will be a continuation. If we’ve learned one thing about Uta, it’s that he always has a plan, a way to protect. He protected ghouls by making masks. He is a mask maker. This could be purely that, a mask that he is putting on until it is no longer needed.

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This is fucking bullshit, FUCKING BULLSHIT. 


I should probably mention that I’m upset over chapter 143 of Tokyo Ghoul. Everything else is fine XD

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  • nyx613Imagine Reaver in a dark alley, there's a bloody corpse at his feet and he slowly tears into the bodies abdomen, getting blood all over himself as he's digging around the chest cavity for the person's heart. Finally he grabs it in both hands and brings it to his lips, taking a huge bite out of it. In the shadows, watching with a bored expression is Autumn.
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    "are you just going to stand there?* he asks as he continues digging into the corps, "there’s enough for both of us," he moaned as he bit into the heart,

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    The other didn’t even mind the others words, just the sinews of whomever he decided to tear apart in the moment.

    He threw an arm as an invitation, signalling the other it was okay to ravage the body he had already almost destroyed. He knew that the other didn’t eat much, forcing herself to eat human food as much as mom and dad would allow,” c’mon, it’s okay, this is far from where we live, we’ll get away with it. * he breathed heavily.

    "I’m not hungry" Autumn’s voice was a monotone as she cast her eyes from her brother to the corpse and then back to her twin. Without a word more she took hold of her brother’s wrist, dragging him towards the end of the alleyway where it opened up into the labyrinth of back streets. "Mom and Dad are expecting us back soon, Uncle Taylor is coming over for the night"

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